Assessment Toolkit

As part of this, the Music Education Hub has developed a “toolkit” that will enable schools to evaluate their current
offer. One Head of Music said:

“I really like the layout of the toolkit with the easy grid layout. As a fairly new HoD, the DDP is one area that I have found quite
daunting and have not necessarily something that I feel I have had much support with from inside school. I think it is something that people just assume all staff fully understand but your toolkit really does make it simple and breaks everything down. I particularly like the checklist as I am a ‘list maker’ myself so this really suits me. I intend to use this toolkit in the summer term as we are finalising Y11 results and planning new schemes for Sept 2015 (and 2016 for KS4 with the new GCSE specs). Although each school have their own format for a DDP or dept SEF, I really feel that this is a useful resource that I can use for my personal development.”


The Music Service can work with you using the toolkit and provide a free “health check” style visit for schools where no music coordinator or Head of Music exists. To book one of our core team please contact Ian Bangay at