Term Dates 2023/2024

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4th September 2023, 5th January 2024 and 8th April 2024 are nominated teacher training days.

The Music Service runs County Ensembles and workshops in schools during the last 3 weeks in July and at Christmas. For further details please see ensembles.

There will be one PPA day taken between 13th and 17th of May due to SATs week depending on schools preferences.


Term                         Start date                                                                 End date


Autumn 2023

Monday 11th September

Friday 20th October

Autumn 2023

Monday 6th November

Friday 15th December

Spring 2024

Tuesday 9th January

Friday 2nd February

Spring 2024

Monday 19th February

Monday 18th March

Summer 2024

Tuesday 9th April

Friday 24th May

Summer 2024

Monday 3rd June

Friday 5th July